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HULK HOGAN & HEATHER COLE adult sex tape just appeared on the web a couple days ago and it has steered a lot of wave. HEATHER COLE was hitched to Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Alan Clem who is a famous radio host who’s collaborated with Mr. Howard Stern. When Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Alan Clem & HEATHER COLE got married, HULK HOGAN was the best man. In the adult sex tape it undoubtedly proves how HULK HOGAN had sex with HEATHER COLE in her & TODD ALAN CLEM’s chamber. This very fact drives a lot of the public to be convinced that HULK HOGAN & Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Alan Clem were sharing HEATHER COLE who happened to be Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s ex spouse, LINDA HOGAN’s best friend. HEATHER COLE was always known to be a very sexy gal that loved posting dazzling snap shots of herself & uploading them on the net. Now we find out that she was also, a sex fiend which liked being pounded by HULK HOGAN and being cinematized while getting roughed up.

Kristen Stewart a.k.a. Bella and Robert Pattinson have true marriage plans & you can look forward for a wedding day announcement any day now. Robert Pattinson dazzled Kristen Stewart a.k.a. Bella with a stunning emerald stone ring, since Kristen Stewart a.k.a. Bella isn’t a giant admirer of diamonds as the majority of women are indoctrinated to fancy. I’m under the impression, that she may not appreciate them for she’s not merely just particular and can think for herself but we feel she conceives that to acquire such a stone on your ring finger, a slave in the Dark Continent was obligated to work through rigorous times to spot a dazzling sparkling rock. Moving along, the introverted, green eyed hottie- Kristen Stewart, does not dream of an extravagant wedding celebration nonetheless, she yearns for something easy going but reflective much like the love they feel for each other and their relationship. 

A few nights ago, while at a concert, the queen of pop, Madonna got naughty much like in her glory days with an epic show at the crossroads of Europe and Asia in which she purposely revealed her bosom to the assembly. Sadly, her bold act has incited mixed view points. Many of her onlookers have called her act as a ridiculous move from the queen of pop, Madonna to be back in the spot light like she once did.

Nonetheless, it absolutely did not go as she expected. The Queen of Pop, Madonna is now looked at a clown. Without a doubt, The Queen of Pop, Madonna fouled up. Anyhow, I conclude that The Queen of Pop, Madonna should bow out from bold moves.  The Queen of Pop, Madonna is too old to be displaying her bosom to the assembly at a tour like she’s still a youngling. The fact of the matter is, that it is pathetic. The Queen of Pop, Madonna spare us all that hideous sight!

Famously known trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” has every single woman in love with the star character Christian Grey and his method with women. This arousing book is the first part of a series by writer E.L James and females are now pondering if a flick will be in the works for this book. Have you noticed a movement right now? At first it was the Harry Potter novels, then the Twilight novels and the newest The Hungry Games novels; each and every one of these popular novels have all been revolutionized into huge flicks.

Ms. Angelina Jolie has been stated to be the director that quite possibly have the pleasure to make Christian Grey come alive on the big screen. Ms. Angelina Jolie has been said to haven been desiring to to direct again since her directorial debut of “In The Land of Blood and Honey.” Not a thing has been authenticated as of yet, but what are your opinions? What do you think soon to be wed Angelina Jolie is the perfect director to bring the hot Christian Grey to come true?

Articles state that the star couple Beyonce and Jay-Z are preggers with their second child already. They already have a several month old girl named Blue Ivy. She is said to be 2 months preggers at this time and that they are wishing the growing baby to be a boy. The blabbermouth of a source close to the musician married couple spilled to new reporters that Beyonce will definitely will agree with the speculation at the end of the summer. The star pair have not revealed to many close friends about their pregnancy.

Close friends have also said that Beyonce has once again began taking regularly folic acid pills and everyone knows that those pills are only taken when a lady plans on becoming preggers or is currently preggers.  If the well-known couple is pregnant once more, Beyonce will carry on to take time off from her performing schedule. Do you think Jay-Z and Beyonce is pregnant once again?

In the past there have been a couple of famous relationships that a lot of viewers do not know about. Most wonder, “How could I not known about it?” The truth is lots of stars that did go out only hung out for a small amount of time and made certain to keep their partnership underwraps. Others were definitely the public eye, but for some odd reason on lookers either think no more of them or completely did not care about the partnership.

Here are the 3 Famous Companionships You Did Not Know About:

1. Brad Pitt & Thandie Newton.

2. Winona Ryder & Jimmy Fallon.

3. Corey Feldman & Drew Barrymore.

A few of the famous relationships totally flabbergasted readers as there was a couple that I truly did not heard of. It’s a bit interesting to witness some of these people pair up and then horribly go their separate ways too. Make sure to keep visiting for more interesting celeb gossip.

The year of 2011 was filled with celeb breakups which had many fans wondering if people in Hollywood are aware on how to keep a companionship going.No desire to ponder any longer as a few of these Hollywood couples have only been dating for a few months, but prove to be truly in love and care for one another. We are sure these celeb couples will be with each other for a long time!

1. Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux

2. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

3. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

4. Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

5. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

This year of 2012 looks to be full of happiness and marriages for celebrities. Be prepared to look at all of these couples in the news as they are always in the spotlight. Lets see what this year truly brings.